Center Slit Book Jacket Covers
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Center Slit Book Jacket Covers

"Exact-fit"means less liner folding and faster processing

Retail Price: $32.18-$149.08
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  • Crystal clear, gloss covers protect your books from oil, dirt, grease, spills and rain.
  • Polyester film allows books to slide on and off shelves, providing frictionless browsing and reshelving.
  • White paper backing bonded on both sides for added book jacket protection
  • Exact fit, Center-slit design means less folding and speeds processing time
  • UV-resistant film protects your book's vibrant colors
  • Acid-Free and 100% Archival Safe - cover will not stretch or discolor over time
  • Available in Rolls or Sheets.
    Rolls come in 300 ft or 200 ft lengths (depending on cover width) and can be cut to the exact length needed.
    Rolls are available in thicknesses of 1-mil (for light circulation), 1.5-mil (for typical circulation), or 2-mil (for heavy circulation
    Sheets Pre-cut 1.5-mil sheets speed up processing time and come in packages of 50 Sheets/Box or 100 Sheets/Box

Instructions:    Center Slit™ Book Jacket Covers
Style:  Sheets or Rolls
Material Thickness:
Sheets: 1.5-mil archival-safe polyester
Rolls: 1-mil, 1.5-mil, or 2-mil archival-safe polyester
Finish:  Gloss
Fit: Exact fit covers, select book height from options above.
Rolls: 300 ft or 200 ft length depending on roll width.
Sheets: packages of 50/Box or 100/Box
Not all sizes are available in 100/box
Instructions:  Center Slit™Book Jacket Covers
Shipping Method:  Ground

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