A Spider Named Itsy
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A Spider Named Itsy

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Itsy Bitsy leads a solitary and comfortable, if not altogether content, existence in a web on a watering can until disaster strikes. Alas, a small tree branch falls on the web, and Itsy goes tumbling. Looking for another home, the spider spies the area between a waterspout and roof and begins to move there. Then the wind starts blowing, and then the rain comes, and then, well, as the rhyme goes, Itsy gets washed out only to try again. Will Itsy make it up the waterspout?
ISBN:  97815362252970
Grade Level:  PreK-K
Age Range:  3-5
Format:  Hardcover
Page Count:  32
Publish Year:  2023
Publisher/Imprint:  Penguin Random House
Author:  Steve Light
Illustrator:  Steve Light
Book Dimensions:  9-1/2 in.H x 11 in.W
Shipping Method:  Ground

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