Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja 6 Book Set
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Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja 6 Book Set

Chase was an ordinary middle school student, was…!

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Chase Cooper, an ordinary middle school student unexpectedly finds himself thrust into the world of ninjas and secret missions.

Chase discovers that his new school, Buchanan School, has a secret ninja clan led by the school's janitor, Sensei Abe. After inadvertently crossing paths with the school bullies, the Red Ninja Clan, Chase is recruited by Sensei Abe to join the White Ninja Clan and train as a ninja.

As Chase navigates the challenges of sixth grade, he must balance his newfound ninja training with his everyday life, including friendships, schoolwork, and family. Along the way, he faces various challenges, including rival ninjas, school pranks, and other middle school drama.

Chase documents his adventures in his diary, detailing how Chase and his friends embark on secret missions, uncover mysteries, and ultimately learn important lessons about friendship, courage, and doing what's right.

Set Includes:
Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja: #1A Game of Chase: #4
Pirate Invasion: #2Terror at the Talent Show: #5
Rise of the Red Ninjas: #3Buchanan Bandits: #6
Grade Level:  2-6
Reading Level:  Grade 2
Format:  Reinforced Library Bound Hardcover
Book Dimensions:  8 in.H x 5-1/2 in.W
Page Count:  112
Shipping Method:  Ground

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