A Very Big Fall
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A Very Big Fall

A great story for children who struggle with change

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New situations can be scary but also thrilling, as three adorable autumn leaves, surprised by their turning colors and the promise of the fall to come, discover in this funny and heartwarming story, the perfect tool for any child who struggles with change.

Life as a leaf is great! Everything feels fresh, they have a wonderful view, and the weather is quite pleasant. When the autumn breezes start to blow, Grumpy Maple, Nervous Oak and Adventurous Birch deal with the crispness in the air in their own way. The squirrels take delight in announcing to the leaves the transformations that are coming --- New Colors! There will also be an actual Fall!! Will the ground be the end of everything or a new beginning?
ISBN:  9780358419457
Grade Level:  P-2
Age Range:  4-7
Format:  Hardcover
Page Count:  40
Publish Year:  2022
Publisher/Imprint:  Harper Collins
Author:  Emmy Kastner
Book Dimensions:  10 in.H x 8 in.W
Shipping Method:  Ground

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