KINGSLEY 60 DuraLight Drop & Roll Interior Return
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KINGSLEY 60 DuraLight Drop & Roll Interior Return

Retail Price: $2,626.42
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Kingsley high capacity carts can now be used as both a Cart and Indoor Book Return! The Kingsley high capacity drop & roll book return cart has a two-flap metal lid with a opening for collections. This versatile cart allows you to accept returns anywhere they are needed and then roll it away to check-in. The lid locks with a key to keep collections securely in the cart while out on the floor. Comes standard with RETURN wording on two sides. Decals for both BOOKS and MEDIA with installation instructions are included so you can choose what wording you want on the lid. All carts are 16-gauge aluminum and have a black textured finish that resists scratches, marring and dust. They will never rust, and include our self-leveling floating trays to reduce the damage of returns and for easy unloading with less physical stress. Two swivel and two locking casters.
Construction:  Aluminum
Depository Opening:  20 in. x 3-1/2 in.
Capacity:  560 Books or 1400 CD/DVDs
Dimensions - Heigth x Width x Depth:  38-1/2 in. x 31-1/2 in. x 34-1/2 in.
Warranty:  Limited Lifetime
Shipping Method:  Truck
Number of Cartons:  1
Assembly Required:  No

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