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In use since the 1920s, the Cotterman #1 Straight Side Oak Track Ladder has been adapted to a variety of applications including bookstores, libraries and shelving access for retail stores. Its furniture-grade quality appearance adds to the appeal, especially in home libraries and retail floor environments.

The Cotterman #1 Straight Side Oak Single Track Ladder

  • Weight capacity is 300 pounds.
  • Overall width of the ladder is 16", approximately 28" across with the bottom wheels.
  • Steps are 14" wide x 3.5" deep.
  • Aisles greater than 36" wide generally require ladders on both sides of the aisle to reach merchandise safely.

Additional Information
  • Each ladder is custom made to the exact track mounting height specified.
  • Shipped ready for installation—no cutting or drilling required.
  • Angle with the floor is 80 degrees.
  • Can be swung against a wall when not in use, taking up less than 9” of aisle space.
  • Weight actuated, adjustable braking system.
  • One ladder is recommended for every 20 to 30 feet of track.
  • The track is normally placed in line with the shelf no more than 3 feet below the top of the highest merchandise to be reached.
  • Ladders project above the top of the track 4".
  • To clear the upper fixtures, the horizontal distance from the face of the protruding merchandise to the center line of track should be more than 1½".

  • Warranted against manufacturer’s defects for 1 year from date of purchase.

To Order Straight Side Ladders:
  • Calculate the distance from the floor to the top of the track.
  • Choose the type of track mounting brackets, and specify the length of the track required.
  • Upper fixture for curved track run is additional - Part Number COT36. (Straight track ladders come with #33).
  • Side mounted handrails (COTRAIL) available at extra charge.

To Order Bent Side Ladders:
  • Designed for areas with protruding counters and shelves; structural side members are bent near top or bottom.
  • Installation is similar to that of straight side ladders, with the same tracks, brackets and fixtures.
  • When ordering, send a rough sketch like the one below, filling in the dimensions as illustrated.
  • Please note: If dimension B exceeds 48", a rolling ladder cannot be used in your installation.

What's the difference between straight side and bent side ladders?

When ordering, indicate if L-10 or L-11 brackets are to be mounted on TOP or BOTTOM of shelf.

  • L-10 Bracket protrudes 1.875" from face of shelf.
  • L-11 Bracket protrudes 4.5" from face of shelf.

Track and Brackets for Straight, Bent Side Ladders and Dual Track Ladders

Track is a special 15/16” diameter steel tube with a longitudinal slot. Furnished with a chip-proof, scratch resistant black oxide finish. Straight track (COT78) is available in 10’ lengths. Curved track sections (COT79) are made from a 10’ piece with a 30” radius and 90 degree curve in the center. They are furnished for inside corners only. For outside corners, two separate runs of track are required.

Track Support Brackets and End Support Brackets

A wide selection of brackets is available to support the No. 78 track. All are made so that they can be slipped into the track through the slot to the desired position before fastening to shelving. These brackets are constructed of malleable iron or steel and finished in black enamel. Approximate shipping weight of track with brackets is 1 pound per foot.

For each end of a track run, end brackets designated by the suffix “E” are furnished with steel stops to prevent the ladder from rolling off the end of the track. Intermediate or center brackets are designated by the suffix “C”.

L10: For fastening on top or under side of shelving, generally with pan head screws.
L11: Similar to L10, but allows up to 2-1/2” of additional space between track and face of shelving.
L11T: For mounting on vertical side of an upright.
L15: For mounting on front edge of an upright.
L17: Same as L15 but provides 1-5/8” additional space between track and face of shelving.
L56: For mounting on front edge of shelf where other brackets cannot be used. Compatible with L15 brackets, can be used as intermediate to L15 where uprights are spaced greater than 4 feet. Made in 2 parts for convenience in mounting.


Before Ordering Ladders, Please Carefully Review the Following Checklist:

  • Brackets are constructed of malleable iron or steel and finished in black enamel.
  • Brackets should never be installed by screwing directly into the front edge of plywood uprights or shelves, because the fastening strength may be insufficient.
  • Mounting surfaces must be wood or metal, except as indicated above for plywood.
  • Curved track furnished for inside corners only. Outside corners require two separate runs of track.
  • Horizontal distance from the face of the protruding merchandise to the center line of the track should be more than 1½" to clear the upper fixtures.
  • Each end of a track run requires an end bracket.
  • Mounting brackets cannot be spaced more than 48" apart.
  • 7" minimum clearance above the top of the track is required for operation.

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