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Vernon Library Supplies

is giving away

100% of its 2017 operating profits

to libraries and other non-profit organizations with programs designed

to help new immigrants

 achieve English literacy and proficiency 

On December 1, 2017 Vernon will begin giving out grants of up to $5,000. Grant application(s) forms (see form below) must be submitted no later than midnight, October 31, 2017 EDT.  


Why is Vernon doing this?  Both of Vernon’s owners, the wife and husband team of Judy and Shai Robkin, turn 65 this spring.  They are not retiring but believe that their retirement savings are sufficient enough so that they can afford to forgo an entire year’s profit to support a cause that is so personally important to them.  Shai, Vernon’s President, believes that “Immigrants and their successful integration into the country have been critical to what has made America into the wonderful country it is.  “From our work with libraries for now well over three decades, we have seen the incredible work that libraries have done helping new Americans gain the English proficiency needed for both the workplace and the social sphere.  We owe our libraries a great debt of gratitude for this and for so many other things.”


Adds Judy “Successful integration of new Americans into our country is a deeply personal matter for us.  More than anything else, our company’s success has been due to our employees, many of whom were new immigrants to this country when they first started working here. And, I wouldn’t be here today were it not for the fact that my father, Henry Birnbrey, was able, as a 13 year old Jewish child, to escape Nazi Germany and come to America. He came here knowing no English but just a few years later, he was back in Europe fighting as a proud American soldier against the Nazi regime. And just like the American soldiers born here, the GI bill enabled him to pursue a college education.  Thanks to that education, he was truly able to achieve the American dream.”


Download the grant application here.


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